2006 – York

Day 1 – Monday 11th September 2006

Welcome and Aims

A Review of the Challenges and Opportunities in Entrepreneurship Education

Session A – Where are we now? Reflections from the UK, EU and USA

Session B – Indentifying the critical challenges and opportunities
4 Key Themes: (a) Curriculum and Pedagogy; (b) Delivering Entrepreneurial Outcomes; (c) Institutional Models and Approaches; (d) Professional Educator Development.

Day 2 – Tuesday 12th September 2006

Session C – Delivering enterepreneurship in the curriculum – sharing experiences across contexts

Session D – Achieving entreprenurial outcomes – UK and International Practice

Session E – Open space learning – meeting the Educators

Session F – Meeting the customers

Session G – Personal reflection time

Session H – Key highlights and observations

Day 3 – Wednesday 13th September 2006

Session I – Building institutional capacity for entrepreneurship education

Session J – Building professional capability – the challenge of Pedagogy

Session K – Pulling all together – International panel presentations and Discussion
curriculum/pedagogy development; institutional development; achieving entrepreneurial outcomes; professional development.

Action Plans for All