Day 2 Parallel Sessions

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13.30-14.15 14.30-15.15 15.30-16.15
Track 1: Technology – its use in enterprise education
Chair: Chris Hall

Venue: Balmoral
Carol Birchmore
University of Manchester

Using online exercises, and Web2.0 technologies to teach small business finances PDF to download (2629 KB)

Dr Fiona Whitehurst
University of Newcastle

Talking Entrepreneurship: Using film to engage and inspire PDF to download (885 KB)

Dr Kelly Smith
University of Birmingham

The potential of Web 2.0 for enterprise education PDF to download (671 KB)

Track 2: Extra curricular enterprise education
Chair: Gareth Trainer

Venue: St. James
Siobáin Hone
University of Bath

Establishing and Supporting Student Entrepreneurial Activity PDF for download (50 KB)

Andrew Corcoran
University of Worcester

Developing Entrepreneurs: There’s more than one way to skin a cat PDF for download (611 KB)

Henk J Schout
The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Beyond the Business School: an Innovative Approach to Incorporating Student Learning and Business Excellence PDF for download (815 KB)

Track 3: Extra curricular enterprise education
Chair: Simon Brown

Venue: Holyrood
Alison Coward
University of the Arts, London

Too cool for business school: engaging creative students in enterprise PDF for download (2615 KB)

Yuliana Topazly
Kingston University

Developing Education through the Club PDF for download (2874 KB)

Ingrid Bale
University of Leeds

Raising social entrepreneurship awareness among he career service professionals PDF for download (3311 KB)

Track 4: Embedding enterprise education in the curriculum
Chair: Alison Price
Venue: Albany
Paul Haywood
University of Salford

REdGENERATION: Art, Enterprise, Local Knowledge and the Curriculum

Denis J Garand
Laval University, Canada.

Developing entrepreneurial competencies in university undergraduate programs. The Entrepreneurial Profile PDF for download (1172 KB)

Dr Julie Holland
Loughborough University

Embedding Enterprise in Vocational Healthcare Degree Courses

Track 5: Educator Development
Chaired by IEEP

Venue: Mortimer
IEEP 2007/08

Learning from the experiences of the International Entrepreneurship Educators Programme 2007-2008 PDF for download (324 KB)

The above session is repeated