IEEC2010 programme featured

Keynotes from:

  • Dr Charlie Ball, Deputy Director of Research, Graduate Prospects
  • Dr Colin Jones,  Australian Innovation Centre, University of Tasmania
  • Professor Alan Mortiboys, Staff and Educational Developer, Author: Teaching with Emotional Intelligence

There were focuses each day on learning and teaching. Also there was an update on CETL, a student strand, IT demonstrations & hands on experience, a day and a half on international aspects, a full strand on impact as well as two days focusing on start-ups.

Central themes of IEEC2010 were:

  • Sustainability
  • Student Experience
  • Curriculum Development
  • Employability & Graduate Recruitment
  • Further education

The themes were explored via:

  • Curriculum and learning pathways
  • Embracing IT
  • Raising awareness of entrepreneurship
  • Going international
  • Proving impact and changing policy
  • Engaging businesses

There were over 50 practitioner workshops, giving a unique insight into the challenges of developing enterprise and entrepreneurship education within our institutions.

Download the programme here.