IEEC 2014 Presentations

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Welcome and Introduction to the Conference

Keynote Presentations

Professor Luke Pittaway

Professor Roy Sandbach

David Price OBE

Parallel Sessions

Stream 1

1A Flipped Learning: Getting student buy-in and engagement for pre-learning teaching methods – Peter Balan

1B Learning and confidence building through failure – Madeleine Jarvis & Claire Giddens

1C Crowdfunding and higher education: A review of the UK landscape – Dr Lyn Batchelor

1E Characterising the extra-curricular start-up competition scene in English HEIs: Emergent trends – Kayleigh Watson & Pauric McGowan

1F The Youth Entrepreneurship National CPD Framework – Dinah Griffiths & Emma Forouzan

Stream 2

2A Xerte Online Toolkits: A server based application to create simple Interactive Learning Objects – Jahanara Begum

2B BABE BA Business & Enterprise: A top up degree targeted at mature working learners – an impactful journey. – Dr Susan Laing & Maggie Anderson

2C Heading for the exit: Tough times for digital creative graduate entrepreneurs – Richard Hanage & Dr Jonathan M. Scott

2D Social entrepreneurship: SEE Change in your community – Darren Chouings & Ellen Shipley

2E Huge worldwide free education? Exploring Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in enterprise education  – Katie Wray, Sarah Underwood, Emilee Simmons, Julie Holland & Amanda Berry

2F Big data, social mood and enterprise education: Engagement strategies for sustainability impact – David Clemson & Colquhoun Ferguson

Stream 3

3A Enterprise and entrepreneurship assessment and evaluation method using the MAPP simulation tool – Yuliana Seymour

3B Inspiring action in health enterprise: Pilot review and implications for learning business entrepreneurship – Sybille Schiffmann

3C Social entrepreneurs: Introduction to measuring and reporting social enterprise impact – Philip Clegg & Catherine McGrath

3D Leveraging the rapid rise of industry entrepreneurship programmes – William Akerman & Akshay Thakur

3E To pay or not to pay? Delivering real student-led impact – Catherine Bushell & Emma Forouzan

3F This little piggy went to market: How to commercialise your research – Alison Riley & Eunice Lawton

Stream 4

4A Intellectual Property: Pathway from classroom to career – Alexandra Symonds & Matthew Larreta

4B Learning for impact: An innovative, flexible, work-based approach – Dr Tony Blackwood, Lucy Hatt, Dr Carol Jarvis & Georgina Dance

4C B-Innovative: Entrepreneurship for better business in Europe – Brian Tipler

4D Yorkshire’s Graduate Entrepreneurship Project: A case study in quantifying impact – Kelly Smith & Colin Harrison

4E Pants across the Nation: Outlining the importance of HE & FE collaboration – Safia Barikzai, Stephanie Harding & Penny Matthews

4F Postgraduates and Postdoctoral researchers are the ‘Cinderella’ group within our universities when it comes to enterprise and entrepreneurship education – Dr Simon Brown & Dr Robert Newberry

Stream 5

5A An emancipatory approach to enterprise education pedagogy – Colin Jones, Harry Matlay, Kathryn Penaluna & Andy Penaluna

5B Embedding global entrepreneurship in the curriculum: Engagement and impact – William Ang’awa, Fiona Thompson & Richard Li-Hua

5C From business card to postcard – Fiona Godsman

5D Meaningful enterprise: City regeneration and the measurement of social impact – Dr Philip Ely & Lynda Povey

5E The evolution of an education manager, a paradigm shift ??!! – Theodor van der Velde

5F BAFL or ‘Business as a Foreign Language’: How should we speak to PGRs from the Arts and Humanities in order to encourage engagement with enterprise and entrepreneurship education and training? – Dr Dawn Weatherston & Jane Nolan MBE

Stream 6

6A DEPICT: Developing Employability Programme using Interactive Curriculum Technologies – Dominic Martinez & Erik Arntsen

6B Using Flashmobs as experiential learning in entrepreneurship education – Richard Tunstall

6C Pitch: The employability skills art, design and creative industry graduates need and how art and design schools help can deliver them – Angie Dutton & Richard Morris

6D Deep learning in SME owner/managers: Is it different from students? – Vic Curtis

6E ‘Singing from the same song-sheet’:  exploring what enterprise and employability practitioners can learn from each other – Stephen Brown & David Whistance

6F RENKEI: An innovative approach to doctoral and postdoctoral researcher development through collaborating across cultures – Jane Nolan MBE


Syndicate 1 – It’s not needed (by true entrepreneurs) –  Dominic Martinez & Liz Taylor

Syndicate 2 – It’s lost its sparkle – Roger Candy & Fiona Godsman

Syndicate 3 – It’s just good teaching – Inge Hill

Syndicate 4 – The myths of entrepreneurship get in the way – Simon Best

Syndicate 5 – It doesn’t work online – Katie Wray

Syndicate 6 – We don’t research it correctly – Susan Laing & Steve Mansfield