IEEC2010 Concordat

The key findings of IEEC2010 can be summarised as the “IEEC2010 Concordat” declaring 5 key calls for action.

IEEC2010 calls for:

Integration and pathways to be developed so that schools, colleges and universities can provide a continuous and integrated approach that will help our learners to develop the lifelong skills needed to be enterprising and entrepreneurial.

Improved support and leadership that helps to drive forward the entrepreneurial mission across institutions, at all levels.

Clarity of impact measures and associated funding priorities so that we can work to develop a more sustainable, transparent and appropriate approach to developing these capacities.

Improved guidance on issues of quality and assessment, so that a more coherent yet flexible framework will enable educators to embed more enterprising approaches in their curriculum.

Recognition and reward nationally, regionally and institutionally to support those working within a fragile environment of short term funding by providing career progression and recognised development opportunities – for the ultimate benefit of regions, institutions as well as individuals (staff and students).

You can download the full IEEC2010 Concordat report by clicking here.