Improved institutional support and leadership

Strong institutional leadership and supportive institutional cultures

There appears to be little to incentivise or empower senior managers to engage with and/or recognise the enterprise and entrepreneurship agenda. Of particular note is that over 90% of respondents believe that institutional culture needs to be changed across Further and Higher Education if entrepreneurship education is to be grown and developed (Question 1). Continued Professional Development strategies could offer significant opportunities to improve on knowledge skills and attitudes, but these need a strong institutional lead if they are to succeed. Whilst 62% of voting respondents felt that the policy environment was supportive of their role, 75% felt that there is insufficient commitment and support to ensure long-term sustainability. Student demand may also reflect this lack of leadership and profile, as 56% felt that there was not a high demand (Question 9). This is particularly worrying as there is minimal improvement in perception since the IEEC2007 evaluation. The fragility of the situation is further clarified in responses to Question 24, where 69% were not confident in their institutional goals.

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