Provocation Syndicate Groups

This year, inspired by colleagues at Newcastle University, we have introduced a new element to IEEC – provocations!

We invited delegates to submit provocations and our panel chose a selection that we believe will stimulate discussion and debate throughout the conference. They are grouped into 6 themes that are headed under the title “We must be doing it wrong” because

  1. It is not needed
  2. It has lost its sparkle
  3. It is just good teaching
  4. The myths of entrepreneurship get in the way
  5. It doesn’t work online
  6. We don’t research it correctly

If you take a look at the programme you will see allocated syndicate times when you will be invited to join one of the groups to contribute to the development of the arguments around the provocations. By the final day we will have a set of “Calls to action” for delegates to take away with them.

We are encouraging our provocateurs to start the discussions ahead of the conference using social media. LinkedIn groups are listed below the table and the hashtag #IEECProv will be used for Twitter discussions.

Take a look at the table below to decide which themes interest you so you are ready to join a syndicate at IEEC.


IEEC2014 Provocations-1


LinkedIn Groups
IEEC2014 Enterprise Education is not needed
IEEC2014 Enterprise Education has lost its sparkle
IEEC2014 Enterprise Education is just good teaching
IEEC2014 The myths of entrepreneurship get in the way of Enterprise Education
IEEC2014 Enterprise Education doesn’t work online
IEEC2014 We can’t research Enterprise Education correctly