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The Case Centre is dedicated to advancing the case method worldwide, sharing knowledge, wisdom and experience to inspire and transform business education across the globe. We are a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity. Access the best management cases, articles and book chapters available worldwide at The Case Centre also offers services to support the writing and teaching of cases.

Cobweb is a specialist publisher of information for business support professionals.

We provide reliable, practical content that explains regulations, trading issues, opportunities and developments in over 550 small business trades and sectors.

Our unique resources are used by thousands of practitioners who:

  • support business start-ups
  • advise small business owners
  • help people into self-employment
  • provide small business finance.

We provide the detail that makes a difference to business support and advice. Click here for more information.

We help PhD students launch deeptech startups based on their research, connect with industry experts and become eligible for innovation grants, awards and venture capital funding.

Our programme is mostly virtual, with some events in London, and designed to fit the intensive research schedules of PhD students. It lasts 9 months, March-November.

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Enactus UK supports young people across the country to engage in social action and social enterprise through experiential sustainability and enterprise education. Our mission in the UK is to be recognised as a leader in developing a national network of socially-minded young leaders of the future, who transform communities and society through real-life social action and environmentally responsible enterprise.

We are dedicated to creating a better world whilst developing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators. The Enactus network of global business, academic and student leaders are unified by our vision – to create a better, more sustainable world where all can thrive.

Envestors is a team of seasoned experts who’s vision is to bring together sophisticated investors, entrepreneurs and the networks that support them across geographies, communities and sectors. We do this through our suite of technologies and services. We are a catalyst for the connections that drive growth in the early stage investment ecosystem. 

We are witnessing a huge surge in the number of students exploring side hustles and freelancing. Yet, universities are struggling to meet the demand for freelance-specific support. As a result, students entering the market are at risk whilst graduates do not possess the essential tools for success. The lack of business know-how, soft skills, and confidence are the major contributors to the 20% failure rate within the first year of freelancing. 

The Freelancer Club offers live ‘in-person’ training programmes, an online accelerator, job access, a wealth of resources, and advanced reporting. We partner with universities to enhance student employment rates, assist in fulfilling HESA requirements, amplify engagement, and improve accuracy on the Graduate Outcome Survey. Our ultimate goal is to equip students with the tools and confidence they need to thrive in the freelancing world

ProjectCHAKRA design and run experiential learning experiences to inspire action for entrepreneurial leadership and social impact in young people. We’ve brought global development challenges into the classroom through simulation role-play and gamification, which develops participants’ emotional intelligence and enables them to build empathy.

Beyond the classroom, we open up career pathway opportunities for students – participants have gone on to work with social enterprise in India and apply this to their academic projects. Our work with universities in India also opens international partnership opportunities for UK institutions.

Used in over 40 countries, our digital learning solutions support thousands of learners to develop their business skills and knowledge. Our innovative advanced business learning solutions and business simulation games are proven to help you:

  • Improve business and entrepreneurship knowledge
  • Enhance personal and professional competencies
  • Develop the employability skills required in the workplace
  • Enable learners to become more curious and independent
  • Increase learner satisfaction

Skillfluence designs and delivers training that equips researchers with the skills, tools and confidence needed to extract maximum value from their research.  We focus on communication, commercialisation and collaboration skills, which we’ve identified to be most directly linked to delivering increased levels of innovation, knowledge exchange and impact.  We work with university managers and leadership teams to deliver outcome-focused training and skills development programmes for researchers, PhD students and university staff.

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Startium helps university and college entrepreneurship teams engage, empower and equip their entrepreneurial communities.

Startium OS is a cloud based platform which consists of a suite of custom workflow tools built specifically to help entrepreneurship enablers and programme managers; scale services, maximise resources and measure their impact. With Startium OS, universities and colleges can provide each of their community members with a constant flow of suggested events, opportunities, guides, fact sheets, tools and online resources all relevant and bespoke to each community member via their own personalised dashboard.

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Twitter: @StartiumHQ