Parallel Sessions

Session Stream 1 (Thursday)
Unlocking potential – developing an ‘un-business’ school for dynamic growth
Dr Bryan Mills and Matt Borne, Cornwall College and Mark Smith, University of Plymouth.  Click here to view workshop video.
Creating opportunities: Creating futures
Dr James Lott, Working Knowledge and Judith Stradling, City of Bristol College
Problem-based entrepreneurship education: Design thinking as a teaching methodology
Blaž Zupan and Professor Anja Svetina Nabegoj, University of Ljublana.  Click here to view workshop video.
Integrating approaches to social enterprise within and outside of the curriculum
Alison Bestwick, Maria Barluenga and Anna Nibbs, University of Sheffield.  Click here to view workshop video.
Identifying your customers: A practical exercise in doing primary research and market segmentation
Phil Clarke and Chris Hall, Nottingham Trent University
An enterprise lens on the Vitae Researcher Development Framework
Jonathan Roberts, Vitae.   Click here to view workshop video.
Session Stream 2 (Thursday)
Enterprise Bootcamps – the wisdom of 20 HEIs on partnership approaches
Louise Bermingham, University of Huddersfield; Nigel Biggs, University of Surrey and Natalie Norton, University of Winchester
Click here for the Overview.  Click here to view workshop video.
Using partnerships to deliver effective enterprise education: A case study
Steve Wallers and Marc Lintern, Plymouth University and Dr James Lott, Working Knowledge.  Click here to view workshop video.
Degrees involving new venture creation: Where have we reached?
Professor John Thompson, University of Huddersfield; Nigel Adams, University of Buckinghamshire and Dr Joan Lockyer, Coventry University.  Click here to view workshop video
Charity to social enterprise: Student learning at the interface between business and the charitable sector
Andrew Ferguson, University of York
You are an entrepreneur
Professor David Gibson OBE, University of York.  Click here to view workshop video.
Enterprise and innovation in social and commercial enterprises: A comparative lens for the ‘Entrepreneurial Career Choice’ of international and home students
Steve Pattinson, Teeside University.  Click here to view workshop video.
Session Steam 3 (Thursday)
Mind your language: Articulating enterprise in a Russell Group university
Dan Corlett, University of Birmingham
Working in collaboration for corporate education
Professor Jonathan Challacombe, Plymouth University and Michael Woods, Supply Solutions
Internationalisation by craft engineering entrepreneurs: Model for identifying and evaluating opportunities for an export-led policy
Juston Mubwandarikwa, University of Derby
Social enterprise education: Transformative learning for innovation
Judith Reynolds; Mel Joyner, Plymouth University; Sue Atkinson, City College Plymouth and Julie Harris, Cosmic Ethical IT.  Click here to view workshop video.
Can a UK best practice approach to enterprise education be transferred to a mass delivery and mass participation event and still be effective?
Katie Wray, Newcastle University; Stephen Brown, Southampton University and Dr Bryan Mills, Cornwall College.  Click here to view workshop video.
The first results of EEUK supported research on how to encourage women to develop their entrepreneurial spirit through undergraduate “action based” entrepreneurship
Nigel Adams, Universiuty of Buckingham and Dr Joan Lockyer, Coventry University
Session Stream 4 (Thursday)
Students as partners developing enterprise services

Eleanor Butland, Hannah Fleming and Christopher Cleves, Plymouth University. Click here to view workshop video.

Implementing entrepreneurship education across borders: Insights from three collaboration projects in Nigeria

Dr Sola Adesola, Richard Beresford, Oxford Brookes University and Peter Bamkole, Pan-African University.  Click here to view workshop video.

Integration of entrepreneurship education into the secondary school level: Conceptional and methodical challenges of teaching

Björn Egbert, University of Potsdam

E-learning in entrepreneurship – development towards social media

Dr Kaija Arhio, Centria University of Applied Sciences

Olympic Mountain Goats

Dr Ann Mulhaney and Claire Giddens, Manchester Metropolitan University

Mapping the entrepreneurial university
Dr Sarah Underwood and Dr Sally Jones, University of Leeds

Session Stream 5 (Friday)
Synergy through partnership: holding hands with an octopus or two

Linda Baines, AURIL.  Click here to view workshop video.

Partnering for progress – a national collaborative model

Syed Rizvi, Sukkur Institute of Business Administration

The business plan is dead, long live the business plan(ner)

Dr Colin Jones, University of Tasmania and Professor Harry Matlay, Birmingham City University entrepreneurship and technology education for young people

Christian Zoellner and Manuela Kanneberg, Otto-von-Guericke-University

Killing creativity: Bad practice and how to achieve it

Professor Andy Penaluna and Kathryn Penaluna, Swansea Metropolitan University and John Bound, Royal College of Art

Enterprise skills training for postgraduate research students (Prezi link)
Dr Kelly Smith and Dr Dina Williams, University of Huddersfield

Session Stream 6 (Friday)
Inspiring futures through multi-partner work based learning interventions

Dr Hilary Duckett, Dr Pam Whisker and Sarah Stevenson, Plymouth University.  Click here to view workshop video.

The ‘dark side’ of achieving through partnerships

Iheanyi Ibe and Neil Coles, University of Cardiff

Sustainability, knowledge, innovation – Creating GREentrepreneurs

David Clemson, London South Bank University

Online mentoring: examples of partnership and practice for cost efficient student start up support

Joanne Ross, NCEE

Putting ideas to paper: Visualising your business plan
Clare Griffiths and Brad Crescenzo, University of Brighton
Click here for the planning grid.
Click here for the prompts.

Alternative enterprise: Creative careers
Frances Brown and Jacqui Bleetman, Coventry University