General Programme Outline

Fit for the Future?

The Conference Goals are:

1. to collectively build a development agenda that through collaborative partnership enables us to address the needs, challenges and opportunities before us;
2. to seek responses to national and international challenges important to the future development of entrepreneurship education;
3. to develop the global community of educators and share our ideas and experiences.

Individual Workshop Goals:

– for conference delegates to learn/know/understand whatever will help them develop/shape their entrepreneurship education environment and improve their practice/approach to deliver valued impacts on individuals, organisations and communities.

Daily Focus:

Day One

Setting the scene, stimulating thinking, exploring new challenges and opportunities in the emerging entrepreneurship education landscape;
Identifying and debating key questions facing the future for entrepreneurship education. Are we ‘fit for purpose?’ What is needed?
Exchanging best practice in entrepreneurship education in all contexts.

Day Two

Sharing the global wealth of knowledge, practice and experience; what global challenges and opportunities face us?
From our stakeholder perspective are we ‘fit for purpose?’ What are our priorities for action for key stakeholder communities?

Detailed Conference Programme

Day 1:  Monday September 8th 2008

Day 2:  Tuesday September 9th 2008

Day 3:  Wednesday September 10th 2008