Parallel Sessions

Listed below you will find presentations from various Parallel Sessions that took place in Edinburgh.

Key Note: Professor Phil Race, Leeds Metropolitan University

Key Note: Mr Chandra Embuldeniya, Uva Wellassa University and Gill Westaway, British Council

Key Note: Andrew Mitchell, Informatics Ventures

Key Note: Professor Allan Gibb


Wednesday 2nd September 2009

Stacy Johnson, University of Nottingham – Teaching entrepreneurship using the critical pedagogy approach: the case of nursing

Dr David Bozward, NCGE – Flying Start Workshop

Dr Anne Nortcliffe, University of Sheffield – Student perspectives of employability skills: alinged or mismatched with employers requirements

Marju Unt, Estonian Euromanagement Institute – Crossover from academic knowledge to business people’s decision-making

Dr Asuncion Ibanez, Paul San Sebastian, Azier Perez – Enterprising is fun!!

Dr Shaheena Janjuha-Jivraj, University of Reading – Enabling entrepreneurial thinking in diverse groups of students – the challenges

Bryn Parry, Southampton Solent University – Riding the Rollercoster – how entrepreneurs can make the most out of business-cycles


Thursday Morning 3rd September 2009

Dr Matthew Huges, Chris Mahon, Dr Hannah Noke, University of Nottingham – Entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial orientation

Dr Paul Marsnik, St John’s University, MN – The Entrepreneur Scholars Program: an experiential approach to entrepreneurship education

Sandra Ewen, Scottish Government – Determined to succeed – Scotland’s national strategy for enterprise education

Dr Gideon Maas, Dr Clive Winters, Dr Joan Lockyer, Tom Williamson, Coventry University – Direction and governance

Chinese delegation, Chai Haishang, Feng Zheng, Geo Ling, Zhang Wei, Song Fei – What lessons can China learn from the UK’s drive towards 50% participation rates in HE?

Dr Clare Schofield, Manchester Metropolitan University and Claire Hookham Williams, University of Liverpool – ‘Wash the dishes Cinderella…fix my clothes, Cinderella’

Richard Sant, University of Portsmouth – ‘Teenpreneur’: The story of partnering with an enterprise education project in the Philippines

Richard Hanage – Working with Nascent Entrepreneurial Graduates (NAGRENTS) in the creative sector


Thursday Afternoon 3rd September 2009

Mike Wilman and Lesley Strachan, Southampton Solent University – Learning styles and preferences of entrepreneurs in business education and training

Dr Andy Penaluna and Kath Penaluna, Swansea Metropolitan University – Copyrights and copywrongs?

Jan Laubscher, University of Waterloo, Canada and Nina Vogel, European Business School, Reichartshausen – Entrepreneurship in five steps – a framework for educating entrepreneurs

David Gibson, Aisling Harkin, Denise Murtagh, Roisin Coulter, Queen’s University Belfast – Are you at the top of your game? Empowering educators to inspire students

Fiona Whitehurst, Newcastle University – Addressing students’ perceived barriers to new venture creation through curriculum activities

IEEP Cohort – How to win friends, change universities and become the next Masters of the Universe through IEEP


Friday 4th September 2009

Prof. Denis J. Garand, Laval University, Canada, David Gibson, Queen’s University, Belfast – Embedding cross-campus enterprise education in your college/ university

Katie Wray, Dr Carys Watts, Newcastle University – Tools and techniques for engaging students and researchers

Jade Parkinson Hill and Brendan Loughran Darwen, Alridge Community Academy – Developing entrepreneurial capability in young people and the wider community

Dr Andy Penaluna, Simon Brown and Alison Price – Creating the future: shaping the curriculum and assessment

Social Enterprise Forum, Caroline Perry, Unltd; Tracy Muirhead, School for Social Entrepreneurs, Corinna Frost, Anglia Ruskin University – Social entrepreneurs in education

Dr Renaud Redien-Collot, Advancia, Paris – The quality assurance in France

Dr Stella Mascarenhas-Keyes, Prof. Jay Mitra and Stuart Harley – Enterprise education for international students and graduate entrepreneurship