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The Case Centre is the independent home of the case method. A not-for-profit organisation and registered charity, we advance the case method worldwide to inspire and transform business education across the globe. Access to the best management cases, articles, book chapters and instructor materials available worldwide is provided at, and includes facilities to search, preview and purchase for instant download. The Case Centre also offers many services to support the writing and teaching of cases including training, scholarships, awards and materials on the case method. The Case Centre’s distribution service allows authors to make their cases available to a global audience.

The best place in the world to find co-founders is at university. We’re building technology to unlock the creative and entrepreneurial power of your campus network. Creator Campus is a networking platform built for university entrepreneurship centres, enabling you to grow and support your entrepreneurial community through co-founder matching and active Q+A forums. 
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Envestors is a team of seasoned experts who’s vision is to bring together sophisticated investors, entrepreneurs and the networks that support them across geographies, communities and sectors. We do this through our suite of technologies and services. We are a catalyst for the connections that drive growth in the early stage investment ecosystem. 

We are witnessing a huge surge in the number of students exploring side hustles and freelancing. Yet, universities are struggling to meet the demand for freelance-specific support. As a result, students entering the market are at risk whilst graduates do not possess the essential tools for success. The lack of business know-how, soft skills, and confidence are the major contributors to the 20% failure rate within the first year of freelancing. 

The Freelancer Club offers live ‘in-person’ training programmes, an online accelerator, job access, a wealth of resources, and advanced reporting. We partner with universities to enhance student employment rates, assist in fulfilling HESA requirements, amplify engagement, and improve accuracy on the Graduate Outcome Survey. Our ultimate goal is to equip students with the tools and confidence they need to thrive in the freelancing world

Innovate UK ICURe is a pre-accelerator programme for researchers. This programme is designed to help explore the commercial application and potential of UK research.

Within the ICURe programme, we have developed a range of funding and commercialisation training with industry experts, and this is delivered via our 4 key programmes; ICURe Engage, ICURe Discover, ICURe Explore and ICURe Exploit.

Used in over 40 countries, our digital learning solutions support thousands of learners to develop their business skills and knowledge. Our innovative advanced business learning solutions and business simulation games are proven to help you:

  • Improve business and entrepreneurship knowledge
  • Enhance personal and professional competencies
  • Develop the employability skills required in the workplace
  • Enable learners to become more curious and independent
  • Increase learner satisfaction

Startium helps university and college entrepreneurship teams engage, empower and equip their entrepreneurial communities.

Startium OS is a cloud based platform which consists of a suite of custom workflow tools built specifically to help entrepreneurship enablers and programme managers; scale services, maximise resources and measure their impact. With Startium OS, universities and colleges can provide each of their community members with a constant flow of suggested events, opportunities, guides, fact sheets, tools and online resources all relevant and bespoke to each community member via their own personalised dashboard.

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