Day 1: Monday 10th September

The Changing World for Entrepreneurship Education Development

Day One set the scene for a positive developmental three-day agenda aiming to inform and influence UK-wide policy and action for enterprise and entrepreneurship education. There was a focus on the changing policy environment for enterprise and entrepreneurship education; delegates were updated on the latest UK government policy developments; considered the ‘continuous journey’ of enterprise education across sectors; and took a global view of policy and practice from international contributors. The programme was forward-looking, drawing upon the experience, expertise and knowledge of speakers from North America, China and Europe as well as highly regarded UK experts to inform the discussions and debate of the subsequent days.

3 Key Questions Day One addressed:

  • What is changing in the policy environment and how does this affect the future for entrepreneurship education vis-a-vis institutions, educators & learners?
  • How can the experiences of other countries help improve institutions/educators in the delivery of entrepreneurship education in the UK and what has been the essence of their success?
  • What will the global experts do to share their expertise, build links, give access to useful tools, advice, opportunities to the conference community?

Day 2: Tuesday 11th September 2007

Growing the Capacity for Entrepreneurship Education Across Institutional Contexts

Day Two showcased new and innovative techniques, methods and approaches to the delivery and embedding of enterprise and entrepreneurship education. The day was primarily about sharing experiences and learning from each other and all sessions were active and inclusive to provide maximum opportunity for the cross-fertilization of ideas. There was plenty of ‘Open Space’ for discussion and debate and opportunities to try out new tools and techniques in the ‘Games Room’.

4 Key Questions Day Two addressed:

  • How do we embed entrepreneurship education across campus, subjects, learners?
  • How do we deliver valued outcomes to our stakeholders: students, institutions, employers, govt?
  • What approaches/ideas are innovative/interesting that we can learn from and adapt to our own environments? Who can help?
  • What will help to develop future leaders in entrepreneurship education?

Day 3: Wednesday 12th September 2007

Building a Development Agenda for Shaping the Future of Entrepreneurship Education

Day Three drew together the ideas and insights that emerged during the conference to feed into a development agenda to present to policy makers as a positive, practical and substantive outcome of the conference. The latest research into entrepreneurship teaching was presented to influence the development of new initiatives and to ensure that they are better aligned with the very latest thinking about the effectiveness of different approaches.

4 Key Questions Day Three addressed:

  • What do we know about the entrepreneurial outcomes being delivered?
  • What can we learn from the mapping of entrepreneurship education?
  • How do we assess the impact on students of entrepreneurial learning experiences?
  • What needs to change and who is responsible for taking action?