Parallel Sessions

Session 1 (Wednesday)
An enterprise competency tool – could you use it?
Sue Smith, Leeds Metropolitan University
Entrepreneurship Skills Programme
Adam Shore and Corina Edward, Swansea University, School of Business and Economics
Biotechnology YES: Lessons learnt from 15 years of extracurricular entrepreneurship education
Hannah Noke, Simon Mosey, The University of Nottingham
Education ‘for’ and ‘in’ Entrepreneurship: Tried and tested initiatives for promoting entrepreneurship within the university community and beyond
Clare Griffiths and Deana Ward, University of Brighton
Business Creation Models in Action
Stuart Hartley, Marina Pickles and Rajinder Bhuhi
University of Leicester, De Montfort University, Loughborough University
The Dutch approach on Entrepreneurship Education – do’s and don’ts
Agentschap NL -NL InnovatieJos van Meegen & Niek Berendsen
Emergent Issues in Enterprise Education
Charlotte Carey and Harry Matlay, Birmingham City University
Session 2 (Wednesday)
Location, Co-location, Re-location,does it matter?
Mr Gareth Trainer, Assistant Director, Careers Service, Newcastle University & Miss Katie Wray, Lecturer in Enterprise, SAgE Faculty, Newcastle University
Transformative Learning in Practice: Sustainable Business Practices – Conferences as Assessment
Activities and Resources
David Clemson and Ceyhun Elci, Faculty of Business, London South Bank University
Marketing at the Interface – what does it look like?
Jackie Harris, Senior Lecturer, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Newport Business School, University of Wales, Newport, Wales
Prithpal Biant, Managing Director, Creatives Training,
Research Partner, University of Wales, Newport, Wales
Stimulating Entrepreneurial Education Training
Ben Bruyndonckx, Network Coordinator
Faking the Evidence: Raising our game in the creative industries
Philip Ely & Calum Mackenzie, University for the Creative Arts
Session 3 (Wednesday)
Learning Technologies for different Learning Styles
Christine Davies, RSC Wales and Alison Walker, WVN, Swansea University
Developing and Narrating Practice Based Curriculum for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
Robert Smith and Charles Juwah, The Robert Gordon University
Design entrepreneur-oriented curriculums: the STARTENT project experience
Dr Kostas Galanakis & Dr Michael Zhang, Nottingham Trent University
Entrepreneurs & enterprise educators: How do we make enterprise teaching, learning & support sustainable in the new era?
Professor David Rae, ISBE Vice-president, Education
Session 5 (Thursday)
Enterprise: blank sheet but no pencils?
Dr Bryan Mills, Faculty of Business, Enterprise and IT, Cornwall College
Encouraging Student-led Enterprise: Entrepreneurial Learning in HEIs
Ossie Jones, Professor of Entrepreneurship, University of Liverpool
Claire Hookham Williams, University Teacher of Entrepreneurship, University of Liverpool
Five Days in Fifty Minutes
Neil Coles, Catherine Bushell, Cardiff University
Tim Savage, Natasha Kemp, UWIC
Louise Edwards, University of Glamorgan
Tim Savage, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama
Best practice in interdisciplinary entrepreneurship education (Garand (intro+Laval); Maas (Coventry); Lackéus (Göteborg); Garand (disc-concl).)
Denis J. Garand, Laval University
Gideon Maas, Coventry University
Martin Lackéus, Chalmers University of Technology & University of Göteborg
Taking the Horse to Water: Encouraging Enterprise and Entrepreneurialism in Early Career Researchers
Dr Richard Hinchcliffe (University of Liverpool) with Gurpreet Jagpal (University of Birmingham), Dr Lowry McComb(University of Durham) and OrsolyaIhasz (University of Cambridge)
Session 6 (Thursday)
Symbiotic venture: Nursing IT
Anne Nortcliffe, Peter Cogill, Elaine Stringer, Bridget Winwood, Sheffield Hallam University
IEEC 2010: Ideas Generation for the Arts
Jon Powell & Charlotte Stuart, Lancaster University
Alternate Reality Games for Enterprise Education: Bridging the reality gap between simulation and authentic experience
Simon Brookes, Portsmouth Centre for Enterprise, University of Portsmouth
Is reconciling professional and private life the highest hurdle for women entrepreneurs?
Christine Atkinson, Head of Women’s Entrepreneurship Hub: Centre for Enterprise, University of Glamorgan, Business School
Developing Young Entrepreneurs – A Practical Challenge for a Modern World
Andrew Grimley, Development and Communications Director Young Enterprise and Katie Wray, Curriculum Development Officer, Careers Service, Newcastle University
Session 7 (Friday)
Tomorrow may be too late!
Denise Oram & Mary Bradley, Glyndŵr University, North East Wales
University Business Partnerships: Providing Integrated Mentoring and Financial Support to Student Entrepreneurs
Dr. Gideon Maas – Director, IAE, Dr. Joan Lockyer – Principal Lecturer, IAE, Coventry University
The perfect storm? – Time to engage business
Martin Edmondson & John Cusworth, Graduates Yorkshire ltd
Raising Awareness and Marketing Enterprise Programmes
Stuart Hartley, Head of Business Incubation and Enterprise, De Montfort University
The Role of Simulations in Enterprise Education
Matthew Draycott, Glyndŵr University and Richard Tunstall, University of Glamorgan
Session 8 (Friday)
Can we stop shouting now? Making the move from extracurricular to embedded
Dr Catherine Bushell, Neil Coles, Cardiff University
Two Perspectives on Enterprise Education: Battles won and lessons learned
Nigel Adams B.A. (Hons), F.C.I.M., University of Buckingham
Joan Lockyer PhD, Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship at Coventry University
O blimey! What do we do with all these unemployed Graduates? – One approach: Graduate start ups for those with little time
Rosy Jones, FP Enterprises, Enterprising Starts
ACTION IN SOCIAL ENTERPRISE EDUCATION – simple tools to promote and support Social Enterprise at your university.
Rhiannon Horsley, Development Manager, (HEI Social Enterprise Programme), UnLtd
Jim Ineson, Executive Director, SIFE UK