ETIC Group Mini-Symposium (Entrepreneurial Threshold Concepts International Collaboration)

IEEC2024 Special Session
12.15pm – 1.10pm Thursday 5th September

The Entrepreneurial Threshold Concepts International Collaboration (ETIC) group aims to enhance the understanding and application of the threshold concept framework in developing and evaluating entrepreneurship and enterprise education globally. ETIC supports its members in securing funding, conducting research, and pursuing presentation and publication opportunities.

Threshold concepts are the transformative elements in any academic discipline that significantly impact student learning. They can be troublesome, irreversible, integrative, bounded, discursive, reconstitutive and necessitate liminality.

The ETIC group is dedicated to advancing entrepreneurial education through these transformative concepts, enhancing educational experiences and outcomes for students worldwide.

During this session, we will recap work so far and present ongoing projects by our members and network with prospective new members to develop ideas for future projects.

Come along and find out what the threshold concepts in entrepreneurial thinking might be, and how significant they are in transformational learning. Explore how the threshold concept framework can be used and discover methods for incorporating candidate threshold concepts in entrepreneurial thinking into curricula to enhance and evaluate teaching and learning outcomes.

Why attend?
Gain access to the latest research into the application of the threshold concept approach to entrepreneurial education. Learn how these transformative concepts can reshape the way entrepreneurial thinking is taught and understood, gaining cutting-edge insights that can be applied in a wide range of educational contexts.

Join this session and become part of a community interested in the value of the threshold concept approach to entrepreneurship and enterprise education. We have a strong track record of creating long-term professional relationships, discovering and sharing funding opportunities and working together on collaborative projects.