Raising the bar: how to influence your institution’s strategy towards enterprise and innovation

Facilitators: Zsuzsa Javorka (HEInnovate), Fiona Godsman (SIE)

HEInnovate is a self-assessment tool for Higher Education Institutions who wish to explore their innovative potential. Through seven dimensions, reflecting areas where higher education institutions are facing challenges, HEInnovate guides you through a process of identification of needs, prioritisation and action planning, so you can influence the changes needed in your institution.

This workshop will give you an overview of HEInnovate and how to use it. We will discuss how to get started with HEInnovate, the benefits of running a workshop, and the help that is available.

HEInnovate has been developed by the European Commission in collaboration with the OECD and tested by Higher Education Institutions across Europe.

Founders4Schools (F4S) and Workfinder – Digital Platforms to Improve the Life Chances of Young People

Facilitators: Sherry Coutu CBE and Colette Filippi

Sherry Coutu the Founder of F4S will share how these platforms support young people especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds by connecting them to business leaders and creating positive encounters or work experience placements.

We have brokered over 188,000 student-employer encounters. These inspire students by helping them understand what skills are needed to improve their employability and entrepreneurial awareness.

Workfinder is a work experience service that puts the young person at the centre of the search process. They can access this on their mobile device, enabling them to search and apply for work experience placements with local businesses.

How can this support your students – come and discuss your needs with us.