Press Kit

This press kit has been assembled to provide you with quick links to key information about the conference.

What is our business?, our flagship Internet site, contains a significant amount of information about conference. You can learn about the Advisory Board , the previous conferences, and the aims of the conference.

Glossary of Terms & FAQ
This section includes basic definitions of the science of our business as well as some terms specific to the agricultural business.

Photographs and other illustrations can be found here. If you have a particular need that is not met with the choices here, please contact us.

Logos and permission to Use Logo

Corporate logos can be found below, along with instructions and requirements for downloading them.

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The Logo as described and portrayed herein is a trademark of IEEC. Except as expressly stated below, the Logo may not be used in any way, including advertising or publicity pertaining to the distribution of materials on this site, without prior written permission from IEEC.  Any use of this Logo should include the following attribution statement:

“IEEC is a trademarks of NCGE.”

The Logo, usage guidelines and downloadable images are available here for the convenience of those persons and organizations that have received permission from IEEC to use the Logo. Any person or organization that has not received permission to use the Logo must request and receive written permission prior to such use. In general,


  • Agencies that are working under contract with IEEC to produce advertising and promotional materials are granted permission to download and use the Logo images as part of that work
  • The Logo cannot be used in another company’s promotional or marketing materials, regardless of format (e.g., wearables, on-line materials, packaging) if IEEC is not directly involved; if IEEC is involved in said promotion or marketing, permission must be requested and will be granted, or not, based on review
  • In no case shall permission be granted for use of the Logo that is meant to misrepresent, defame or in any way harm IEEC or the Logo