EEGlobal Draft Membership Benefits for discussion – 1pm Thursday Sept 6th,
room 207

This list is designed for conversations at the IEEC 2018 at the round table meeting.

It is not representative of any offer or level of membership provided by EEUK

As such some of the potential benefits ‘might’ be:

  • Membership of a global peer network – LinkedIn group; reduce conference fee;
  • Access to a Research project fund – in collaboration with an EEUK partner as the funding is coming out of EEUK budget. The lead partner has to be EEUK, they will receive the funding.
  • Global Ask KEN – ability to ask an expert on any relevant EE topic
  • Access to pedagogies on good practice
  • Discount to IEEC – if they are a member
  • Free attendance at Exchange events
  • Webinars – invitations to join or potentially lead
  • Videos of EEUK specialist workshops
  • Ultimately a National Representative
  • Member profiles – will all be in English
  • Impact showcase
  • International links
  • Newsletters – EEUK newsletter with a EEGlobal section
  • EE Fellowship

The language would be English.